Active Equity

Active Equity Management

Since 1999 the ASB Large Cap Core Active Equity product has implemented a disciplined, repeatable process to exceed the returns of the S & P 500 with less risk.

A Multi-Factor analytical approach is employed to hone in on Asymmetric investment opportunities that will generate Alpha.

Our multi-factor methodology improves the decision-making process by looking at big picture macro-economic trends as well as conducting intensive company level analysis. A richer data spectrum provides a more complete picture of both reward potential and risk. It also drives our ability to predict trend changes by combining forward looking, but more qualitative economic and industry developments with precise, but backward looking quantitative data.

Asymmetric opportunities target the sweet spot of the investment spectrum: those stocks more likely to go up than down, and with more upside appreciation potential than downside risk.

The combination of a multi-factor approach and asymmetric targeting results in the generation of Alpha—excess returns compared to the market over the life of the fund.

All investments contain risk of underperformance and loss. The ASB Large Cap Core strategy has historically outperformed its benchmark during steep market downdrafts but underperformed in rapidly rising markets. The objective of ASB Large Cap Core Equity is to outperform the S & P 500 over a market cycle of at least 5 years. This style may not be suitable for investors with shorter investment horizons.